new sleek Apple keyboards

Apple Keyboards wired and wireless

Together with the new release of iMacs, Apple also releases all-new wireless and wired keyboards. The new keyboards feature elegant anodised aluminium enclosure.

Mac functions keys

Apple Keyboard features special function keys for Mac features such as brightness, volume, eject, play/pause, Exposé and more.

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The new Apple Keyboards are features the similar design as the keys in MacBook. The wired version has full key layout with document navigation controls and a numeric keypad. The wireless keyboard features compact low profile design. There's also an intelligent power management built-in that conserves battery life by automatically powering down the keyboard while not using it.

Apple Keyboard (wired)

Apple Keyboard (wireless)

There are also some minor changes to the keyboard layout.

The most noticeable one should be the disappearing of Apple logo on the Command key ( cmd ), instead, the word “command” is printed. We always insist that the cmd is called “command” key, not “Apple” key.

new old Apple Keyboards

The volume control and eject keys above numeric keys are shifted to function keys F10 to F13, and the “help” key is now a “fn” key.
new old Apple Keyboards

And there are new special functions above the main typing area.
new old Apple Keyboards

Apple Keyboard (wired) is priced at US$49, and US$79 for wireless version. Apple Keyboard (wired) requires Mac computer with USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 port, wireless version requires Bluetooth wireless technology.

For more information, please visit Apple Keyboard (Apple).

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