Camino 1.5.1 released

The Camino Project has released version 1.5.1 of Camino web browser. The release is a security maintenance release. Camino 1.5.1 is based on Mozilla Gecko engine v. which includes several critical security and stability fixes.
Camino 1.5.1 contains the following improvements over version 1.5:
  • Upgraded to version of the Mozilla Gecko rendering engine, which includes several critical security and stability fixes.
  • When changing Chinese, Japanese, or Korean font preferences, using the “Advanced” sheet will now set the font correctly.
  • Camino will no longer crash when right-clicking in certain web page menus.
  • Alerts and prompts that appear while Camino is hidden will now display properly when Camino is made visible again.
  • Spelling items in contextual menus will be displayed in the correct language in localized versions of Camino.
  • Camino will no longer auto-fill passwords in disabled form fields.
  • Improved ad-blocking.

For features introduced in Camino 1.5, please refer to MozInfo701 report.


Screenshot of Camino 1.5.1:
Camino 1.5.1

Camino 1.5.1 can be downloaded from this page.

Camino 1.5 was released on 6th June 2007. Camino 1.0 was released on 14th February 2006, Camino 1.0.4 was released on 8th March 2007.

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