OS X native OpenOffice.org to be ready Sept 2008

According to Computerworld, an OS X-native version of OpenOffice.org (version 3.0) may finally be ready in September 2008.

OpenOffice.org has long had a Mac version, but that requires users to have X11 installed. (X11 is an optional component when installing Apple OS X 10.4.) Most users consider that a kludgy, unaesthetic solution.

A native Aqua version of OpenOffice.org called NeoOffice is currently available, but it is created by open-source developers unaffiliated with OpenOffice.org.

OpenOffice.org discontinued its Aqua port in 2003, but restarted the project in February. And in May 2007, OpenOffice.org's chief supporter, Sun Microsystems Inc., assigned two employee programmers to help.

Besides the Aqua port, version 3.0 of OpenOffice is expected to include a filter to import files saved in Microsoft Office 2007's Open XML document format, a report designer, and more language versions.

For more detail, please refer to Mac OS X version of OpenOffice slated for next September (Computerworld)

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Posted by Antony at September 20, 2007 1:32 AM

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