EyeTV 2.5 released adds Wi-Fi access


Elgato has released version 2.5 of EyeTV, the de facto software for recording TV shows on Mac.

EyeTV 2.5 adds Wi-Fi Access for iPhone and iPod touch, float-on-top (always on top), record from Live Buffer, improved H.264 playback, iPhone export and support for Freebox IPTV (France). EyeTV also provides some bug fixes.


EyeTV WiFi access

Bug fixes:

  • A problem with displaying Teletext for DVB channels that broadcast Teletext and MHP information has been fixed.
  • HD HomeRun: A problem skipping some Clear QAM transponders during EyeTV's Auto-Tune has been corrected.
  • For multiple tuners, EyeTV now prefers to make scheduled recordings on the tuner that is not in use, unless the front window is on the right channel already.
  • A problem where two programs scheduled 24 hours apart were both labelled as occuring “Tonight" has been corrected.
  • For EyeTV 300/310 users with favorite channel lists, EyeTV now launches tuned to the last live television channel from the favorite channel list instead of opening the LiveTV window with the first channel from the main channel list.
  • A crash opening the Program Guide in the Full Screen Menu has been fixed.
  • For EyeTV 500 users using Clear QAM, the program guide channel assignment process has been simplified. For more details, consult pages 6 through 9 of the “HDHomeRun for Mac Setup Guide” file that can be downloaded from Elgato's web site.
  • A hang at the end of exporting when using edit markers has been eliminated.

Download EyeTV 2.5 update (Elgato, 49.7MB)

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Posted by Antony at September 24, 2007 4:35 PM

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