Backup 3.1.2 adds compatibility with Leopard and iWork '08

BackupSoftware Update
Apple released Backup 3.1.2, an update to the automated backup software included with .Mac. This update adds the compatibility with Mac OS X Leopard and iWork '08. Backup 3.1.2 is a free update, and is available through Apple's Software Update application.

Backup 3.1.1 was released to .Mac members on 2 March, 2007.


Backup 3.1.2 is highly recommended for all users of Backup 3. This update includes reliability improvements and improves compatibility with Leopard and iWork '08.

For more information about Backup 3, visit the .Mac website at:

For Backup 3 support information, visit

.MacBackup 3 is also available for trial .Mac members, you can try .Mac for 60-day free. Backup app won't expire after trial period.

MacCentre701 offers a number of Backup QuickPicks (free) for .Mac members.

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Posted by Antony at October 26, 2007 9:09 PM

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