EyeTV 2.5.1 supports Leopard Quick Look and iChat Theater


Elgato has released version 2.5.1 of EyeTV, the de facto software for recording TV shows on Mac.

EyeTV 2.5.1 is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, and it adds support for Leopard Quick Look and iChat Theater effect (video backdrop). If the recording is being prepared for Wi-Fi access (introduced in EyeTV 2.5), it can play back in Finder (via Quick Look) and be used for iChat video backdrop effect.
EyeTV's player window can be set to play back in every Space.


Bug fixes:

  • A problem where EyeTV would stall during an update of the electronic programming guide if the network connection was unavailable has been fixed.
  • EyeTV 250 Plus can now open multiple live television windows on the same DVB or ATSC multiplex.
  • For Freebox, streams with more than 10 radio stations are now supported.
  • For computers with multiple active network interfaces, EyeTV's Wi-Fi Access feature now respects the preferred network list in the Network system preference pane.
  • EyeTV Wi-Fi Access now works properly with aliases to the EyeTV Archive folder.
  • EyeTV Wi-Fi Access now correctly displays EyeTV recording names in non-Latin character sets.

Download EyeTV 2.5.1 update (Elgato, 49.5MB)

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Posted by Antony at October 31, 2007 5:49 PM

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