Time Magazine's Invention Of the Year: iPhone

TIME, iPhoneTIME Magazine has listed Apple iPhone as the Invention Of the Year.

Apple didn’t invent the touchscreen,” explains Lev Grossman (Time), but “Apple knew what to do with it,” creating a “whole new kind of interface, a tactile one that gives users the illusion of actually physically manipulating data with their hands—flipping through album covers, clicking links, stretching and shrinking photographs with their fingers.”

iPhoneAccording to the article, Apple managed to design a handheld device that blends form and functionality in a way that is approachable and user friendly. In a world where other companies design phones and other electronic devices based on packing features into nondescript cases, the iPhone stands out.

Invention Of the Year: The iPhone (TIME magazine, 31 October 2007)
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Posted by Antony at November 1, 2007 10:18 PM

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