2007 in Review

Just before we say goodbye to 2007, we shall take a look what happened this year. Two major products dominated the news headline around the world, iPhone and Leopard.


Apple announced the widely speculated wide-screen iPod combined with a mobile phone and a portable internet browser--iPhone--during MWSF2007. On 29th June, iPhone launched, 270,000 units were sold in its first weekend. Only 4GB model was available then, and the price tag was US$499. Later on 5th September, Apple dropped the prince of 8GB iPhone from US$599 to US$399, and discontinues 4GB model. The record? 1 million iPhones sold in just 74 days, and was only available in USA only.

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iPod shuffle colours

2007 was not just about iPhone, Apple gave iPod shuffle four new colours in late January, and again another new set of colours when Apple updated the entire iPod family on 5th September. A new iPod was born: iPod touch, the iPhone without the phone. The iPod is renamed to iPod classic to avoid confusion. iPod shuffle, iPod nano and iPod classic all featured new brushed metal casting, and iPod nano gets a larger screen and plays video.

iPod family

Apple released Apple TV on 20th March, allowing users to watch TV shows, movies in 720p (high-definition) on users' home television wirelessly from iTunes. Initially available in 40GB, later Apple TV adds YouTube support, and increases the HDD space to 160GB.

802.11nAlthough 802.11n is still in draft, Apple released new AirPort Extreme with 802.11n-draft support on it. The new AirPort Extreme Base Station featured similar shape as Apple TV. Later in August, AirPort Extreme Base Station got Gigabit Ethernet on its LAN and WAN ports.

iTunesiTunes Plus 99 centsOn 31st May, iTunes Plus was born. iTunes Plus allows users to buy DRM-free music with twice the quality (256kbps) for only 30 cents more. On 17th October, more companies have joined iTunes Plus, and the price has slashed to 99 cents, making DRM-free music more affordable. iTunes 7.3 was released with iPhone activation, and iTunes 7.4 was released with ringtone creator for iPhone, and supporting iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store for iPhone and iPod touch. NBC decided not to renew its TV program with Apple's iTunes Store.

iMacApple updated Mac Pro to two 3.0GHz quad-core Intel Xeon 5300 series processors (8-core in total) in April. In June, MacBook Pro received speed bump and new bright LED-backlit display, the 17-inch model is also possible to have HD resolution display (1920-by-1200). Mac mini got Core 2 Duo upgrade, making all releases of Mac hardware 64-bit. iMac got an updated look, featuring new sleek aluminum design and up to 2.8GHz Intel Core 2 Extreme. New Apple keyboards were also released to match the updated iMac. MacBook also receives speed bump in November.

LeopardMac OS X v.10.5 ‘Leopard’ finally released on 26th October after a few delays. Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard features 9 major new features and 300+ new features. Apple sold more than 2 million copies of Mac OS X Leopard in first weekend.

In August, .Mac adds new Web Gallery and increased its online storage to 10GB. Apple also released iLife '08 and iWork '08. iWork '08 adds Numbers spreadsheet. Adobe ships Photoshop Lightroom, a competing product to Apple's Aperture. Later in April, Adobe shipped Adobe Creative Suite 3 (CS3). One of the most important applications has finally shipped in Universal Binary, allowing Mac users with Intel-based CPU to run it natively. Adobe CS3 is available in a number of packages: Design Standard, Design Premium, Web Standard, Web Premium, Production Premium etc. In mid-May, Elgato released Turbo.264, a hardware H.264 encoder for Mac, allowing Mac users to create H.264 video clips faster. VMWare Fusion released in August, joining Parallels in providing virtuarlised environment for running Windows and other i386 OS under Mac OS X with Intel-based machines.

2007 has certainly been a busy year.

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