Apple announces the new iPhone 3G S


During WWDC Keynotes, Apple today introduced the new iPhone 3G S, the fastest, most powerful iPhone yet, packed with incredible new features including improved speed and performance—up to twice as fast as iPhone 3G—with longer battery life, a high-quality 3 megapixel autofocus camera, easy to use video recording and hands free voice control.

iPhone 3G S includes the new iPhone OS 3.0, the world’s most advanced mobile operating system with over 100 new features such as Cut, Copy and Paste, MMS, Spotlight Search, landscape keyboard and more. The ‘S’ in iPhone 3G S stands for ‘speed’.

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iPhone 3GSAdditional features available with the iPhone 2.0 software include the ability to do real-time mapping and track your progress with GPS technology, mass move and delete multiple email messages, search for contacts, access a new scientific calculator, turn on parental control restrictions for specified content, save images directly from a web page or email them to your iPhone and easily transfer them back to your photo library on your Mac or PC. iPhone 3G delivers an amazing 10 hours of talk time on 2G networks and 5 hours using 3G, with up to 5 to 6 hours of web browsing, up to 7 hours for video playback and up to 24 hours for audio playback.

Many of the new features in iPhone 3G S (iPhone 3.0 Software) will be available on 17 June as a free software update via iTunes 8.2 or later for all original iPhone and current iPhone 3G customers.

iPhone 3G S will be available in the US on June 19. iPhone 3G S offers twice the capacity for the same price with a 16GB model for just US$199 and a new 32GB model for just US$299. iPhone 3G is available at the new lower price of just $99 for the 8GB model. For Australia, iPhone 3G S will be available on 26 June with pricing available at launch.

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