Yojimbo 2.0 released

Yojimbo 2.0

UniversalWe've been mentioning about Yojimbo since early 2006. Yojimbo is a great information organiser, it allows people to put all bits and pieces of information into it, and secure it. Bare Bones released Yojimbo 2.0 with new Tag Explorer, improved Quick Input Panel, PDF Workflow (“Print to Yojimbo”), Drop Dock, and new combined Tag and Label editor and more.

Yojimbo 2.0 requires Mac OS X 10.5.7 or later. And because of this many codes on workarounds and compatibility for older OS have been removed.

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Upgrading to Yojimbo 2.0 only costs $20. If you are a Yojimbo 1.x user, you can upgrade to Yojimbo 2.0 for free if you purchased your license of Yojimbo 1.x on or after 1 January 2009.

If you choose not to upgrade to Yojimbo 2.0, Bare Bones also released Yojimbo 1.5.2, a free update to all current Yojimbo 1.x users.

version 1.5.2 (72) (9/1/2009)
Worked around case where a Sync Services exception thrown at startup would cause problems launching the application.
Workaround for Core Data row cache bug which could cause data loss in some situations.
Fixed a bug where pulling an encrypted image during a sync would cause the sync to fail.
Addresses internal problem which would sometimes keep subsystems (e.g. hot keys, metadata coordinator) from being properly set up at launch.
Miscellaneous changes to improve reliability of sync data with MobileMe

Yojimbo works best with MobileMe service. MacCentre701 provides Yojimbo Backup ‘QuickPick’ (free) for all Yojimbo users to back up Yojimbo database.

For more information about this new release, please see Yojimbo 2.0 Release Notes.

Shareware available for 30 days.
single user US$39 (multiple machines)
family pack US$69 (up to 5 members, multiple machines)
educational US$29

Yojimbo (official home page)
Join our discussion - “Yojimbo 2.0 released” at SillyDog701 Message Centre.

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