Turbo.264 HD 1.0.3


Elgato has released version 1.0.3 update for Turbo.264 HD. Turbo.264 HD is an HD version of the popular Turbo.264, including HD 1080p hardware encoding. Version 1.0.3 improved Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard's compatibility and improved picture quality, the new progressive scan double frame rate profile for deinterlacing, and bug fixes.

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What’s new in Turbo.264 HD 1.0.3?

Snow Leopard Compatibility

Turbo.264 HD 1.0.3 is fully compatible with Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Note that the QuickTime Player that is installed by default on Snow Leopard does not support custom exports. Use the Turbo.264 HD application instead. See this FAQ article for more information.

Improved Picture Quality

Encoded files from H.264 and certain MPEG-2 sources are sharper due to improved deinterlacing and scaling. This reduces encoding speed somewhat, especially on slower Macs.

Progressive Scan Double Frame Rate

Turbo.264 HD now features an advanced option for Progressive Scan Double frame rate deinterlacing. The advanced motion detection and doubled frame rate result in excellent picture quality and very smooth playback.

This feature is especially useful when encoding a 1080i source to 720p, and therefore it is the automatically selected deinterlacing method for this encoding.

With progressive scan and double fps enabled, 1080i/30 sources are encoded to 720p/60, and 1080i/25 to 720p/50. The resulting 720p files can be imported to iMovie for further editing, or played back using a networked media player such as a Playstation 3.

Note that Apple TV and iPods cannot play back frame doubled content. Progressive Scan Double fps deinterlacing also increases the CPU load, especially so for HD sources.


Turbo can transfer EyeTV, DVD, and QuickTime chapter markers from the source file into the encoded file. QuickTime chapter markers are now turned off by default to improve file compatibility with iMovie. They can be re-enabled by creating a custom profile.

Bug Fixes

Sync issues with many source files have been resolved.
Turbo.264 HD custom profiles are now accessible via EyeTV’s export options.
Dolby Digital tracks are now preserved when exporting to custom 720 and 1080p profiles.
XDCAM is now a supported format.
Sanyo Xacti 1080i videos are now converted at the correct frame rate.
Fixed custom exports from EyeTV with Turbo HD that resulted in missing Closed Captions.
Resolved an error -42 that occurred when adding a large number of files to the Turbo HD application.
Correctly export the selected audio track on QuickTime movies with multiple audio tracks.
Fixed several problems when exporting DivX files.

Turbo.264 HD 1.0.3 requires:
a Macintosh computer with a Intel Core processor
512 MB of RAM
a built-in USB 2.0 port
Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later recommended (with all software and security updates installed)
QuickTime 7.6 (or later)

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