Turbo.264 HD 1.1 released


Elgato has released version 1.1 update for Turbo.264 HD as well as releasing software edition of Turbo.264 HD (without the hardware-accelerating USB stick). Turbo.264 HD is an HD version of the popular Turbo.264, including HD 1080p hardware encoding. Version 1.1 added iPad preset, events (suitable for users of camcorder to group multiple clips into a video based on events information), editing iTunes information and software encoding, as well as bug fixes.

Elgato is also selling Turbo.264 HD Software Edition without the Turbo.264 HD hardware stick.


What’s new in Turbo.264 HD 1.1?

iPad Support
Turbo.264 HD 1.1 contains a new built-in preset for iPad. Drop any video file into Turbo.264 HD’s main window, select the iPad preset and click the Start button.

If you’re a typical camcorder user, you probably shoot dozens of clips and could use a fast and easy way to turn them all into one movie that you can share with friends. Turbo.264 HD 1.1 saves you an incredible amount of time: It automatically detects your USB camcorder and then groups your video clips into events according to when they were taken. Clips are grouped into one event if they were created within 30 minutes of each other.

Events are turned on by default and can be grouped and ungrouped by turning Events on and off in the main Turbo HD window.

Each individual clip within a grouped event can be previewed as well as edited. Click the event thumbnail in the Turbo.264 HD main window to open the editor. All clips within the event are displayed in a list:

You can change the order of clips within an event by dragging them in the list. Delete a single clip by hovering over the clip and clicking into its close box.

Editing iTunes Information
Add your own details such as a description and episode numbers, so your videos look their best and are easy-to-find in iTunes and on iPad. To edit the information for a clip, click onto its name or into the 'i' icon at the top right.
For EyeTV files, if the program guide information is present, it will be automatically read by Turbo.264 HD.

Software Encoding
Turbo.264 HD 1.1 now supports software encoding. Should the Turbo.264 HD hardware stick be unavailable, or in use by an application such as EyeTV, the Turbo.264 HD application can still be used to encode files. Software encoding is only available in the Turbo.264 HD application and can not be accessed in 3rd party applications.

Bug Fixes
• Fixed Final Cut Pro exports that resulted in audio missing from the beginning of the file
• Fix a bug where the H.264 Level was not saved correctly in the exported file
• YouTube upload limit is now 2GB
• YouTube HD exports now supports 1080p
• Improved support for multi title DVD
• Improved audio sync for DVD exports
• Preserve the color profiles of files with OS X 10.6 color profiles
• Improved performance and stability
• Maximum bitrate for 1080p exports is now 50Mbps.

Turbo.264 HD 1.1 requires:
a Macintosh computer with a Intel Core processor
512 MB of RAM
a built-in USB 2.0 port
Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later recommended (with all software and security updates installed)
QuickTime 7.6 (or later)

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