Safari 5.0.1 released with Safari Extensions


Apple released Safari® 5.0.1, turning on Safari Extensions and introducing the Safari Extensions Gallery. Apple introduced extensions support in Safari 5 in June so developers could begin creating extensions with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript web standards. With Safari Extensions Gallery, users can quickly find extensions that add powerful new features to Safari, from toolbars that display live web feeds to sophisticated programs that filter web content. Safari 5.0.1 allows users to download and install extensions either from the Safari Extensions Gallery or directly from a developer's site.


The Safari Extensions Gallery is accessible from the Safari menu or at Users can download and install extensions from the gallery with a single click, and there’s no need to restart the browser.

New in this update: Safari Extensions Customize Safari with features created by third-party developers Find extensions in the Safari Extensions Gallery, accessible from the Safari menu and This update also contains improvements to stability, accessibility and security, including the following:

More accurate Top Hit results in the Address Field
More accurate timing for CSS animations
Better stability when using the Safari Reader keyboard shortcut
Better stability when scrolling through MobileMe Mail
Fixes display of multipage articles from in Safari Reader
Fixes an issue that prevented Google Wave and other websites using JavaScript encryption libraries from working correctly on 32-bit systems
Fixes an issue that prevented Safari from launching on Leopard systems with network home directories
Fixes an issue that could cause borders on YouTube thumbnails to disappear when hovering over the thumbnail image
Fixes an issue that could cause Flash content to overlap with other content on,, and other sites when using Flash 10.1
Fixes an issue that prevented boarding passes from from printing correctly
Fixes an issue that could cause DNS prefetching requests to overburden certain routers
Fixes an issue that could cause VoiceOver to misidentify elements of webpages
For detailed information on the security content of this update, please visit this site:

Safari 5 is available for both Mac OS® X and Windows as a free download at Safari 5 for Mac OS X requires Mac OS X Leopard® 10.5.8 or Mac OS X Snow Leopard® 10.6.2 or later. Safari 5 for Windows requires Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista or Windows 7, a minimum 256MB of memory and a system with at least a 500 MHz Intel Pentium processor

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