new iPod family (2010)

iPod family 2010

Apple today announced the new iPod shuffle (4th generation), iPod nano (6th generation) and iPod touch (4th generation).

The new redesigned iPod shuffle which features both clickable ‘ring’ buttons and Apple's innovative VoiceOver technology, enabling users to easily navigate their music and playlists without ever looking at their iPod shuffle. The new wearable iPod shuffle has an all-aluminum enclosure with a built-in clip and comes in five brilliant colors-silver, blue, green, orange and pink. With nearly 50 percent more battery life, the new iPod shuffle features over 15 hours of music playback on a single battery charge* and offers 2GB of storage.

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The completely redesigned iPod nano featuring Apple's Multi-Touch interface that lets users navigate their music collection by simply tapping or swiping a finger on the display. Nearly half the size and weight of the previous generation, the new iPod nano features a polished aluminum and glass enclosure with a built-in clip, making it instantly wearable. The new iPod nano features Genius Mixes, the ability to create and edit playlists, a built-in FM radio with live pause and up to 24 hours of music playback on a single battery charge

The new iPod touch, packed with incredible new features including Apple's stunning Retina display, FaceTime video calling, HD video recording, Apple's A4 chip, 3-axis gyro, iOS 4.1 and Game Center - all combined in the thinnest and lightest iPod touch ever. The new iPod touch features up to 40 hours of music playback and seven hours of video playback on a single battery charge.

Although not being highlighted today, iPod Classic is still available from Apple.

The fourth generation iPod shuffle, the new iPod nano (6th generation), and the new iPod touch (4th generation) will be available next week for a suggested prices following...
$49 (US) for 2GB iPod shuffle in silver, blue, green, orange and pink;
$149 (US) for 8GB iPod nano;
$179 (US) for 16GB iPod nano;
(Both iPod nano models are available in silver, graphite, blue, green, orange and pink.)
$229 (US) for 8GB iPod touch;
$299 (US) for 32GB iPod touch;
$399 (US) for 64GB iPod touch.

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