EyeTV for iPhone/iPad 1.2.3 app adds AirPlay support

EyeTV app

Users of Elgato EyeTV and iPad/iPhone owners should be joyed. Elgato has released new EyeTV for iPhone/iPad 1.2.3 with a very welcome addition... AirPlay support.

The new AirPlay feature allows users to transmit both live and recorded TV shows from users' EyeTV (on Mac) through iPhone or iPad and route that video to Apple TV (or to third-party receiver applications that support the AirPlay protocol).

EyeTV for iPhone/iPad allows users to enjoy users' TV recordings on the road, and this new version extends the enjoyment from iPhone/iPad screen to any Apple TV/AirPlay receiver.

The updated EyeTV for iPhone/iPad is availabe on iTunes Store.

Posted by Antony at April 5, 2011 9:07 AM

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