Apple updates Aperture 3 to version 3.1.3

Aperture 3

Apple updated Aperture 3 to version 3.1.3, a maintenance release for the professional photo management solution. There are several bug fixes listed in the patch notes, as a couple of performance-related improvements.

The detailed changes is mentioned in the Knowledge Base, we will mention some main points here:


Improves reliability of library rebuild and repair operations in Aperture Library First Aid.
Aperture now automatically rebuilds image thumbnails after a library is restored from a Time Machine backup.

Multi-Touch Gestures
Pinch to zoom gesture can now be used to resize thumbnails in full screen Browser.
Multi-touch gesture can now be used to rotate images in the Viewer.
Pinch to zoom gesture can now be used to resize the cropping rectangle when using the Crop tool.
Gesture support can be enabled or disabled in Preferences.

Fixes an issue that could sometimes cause the Faces view to be displayed without the Show Unnamed Faces button and zoom slider.
Resolves various issues naming faces using accented, Japanese, Korean or Simplified Chinese characters.
Profile photos attached to contacts in Address Book are now displayed with suggested names in the Faces auto-complete menus.
Shift-clicking snapshots on the Faces corkboard now allows you to make contiguous selections.
The Home key and End key can now be used to scroll to the top or bottom of the Faces view.

Fixes an issue that could cause the map in the Edit Location window to draw incorrectly when assigning a location to a Project in Full Screen view.
In Places, the Show Unplaced Images filter now correctly maintains its state when the Back button is used to navigate the Places map.

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