Fetch 5.7.1


Fetch Softworks has released an update to its popular FTP client for Mac platform, Fetch 5.7.1. This version improves compatibility with OS X 10.7 Lion as well as a number of bug fixes.

Fetch 5.7.1 requires Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard on Intel Macintosh computers.

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The fixes and improvements in Fetch 5.7.1 are:

  • Changed SFTP behavior to honor SSH config settings, and no longer require a dummy password for connections using public key authentication

  • Corrected phone/fax number in Read Me

  • Corrected system requirements in Read Me

  • Fixed a crash on Lion caused by the 3ivx video codec

  • Fixed a crash when the app was launched on Mac OS X 10.4

  • Fixed a problem that caused very slow file lists for folders with more than 10,000 items

  • Fixed a problem where an incorrect serial number was erroneously identified as having been revoked

  • Fixed a problem where certain failed downloads were not retried automatically

  • Fixed a problem where it took two attempts to get a file list on some servers

  • Fixed a problem with Fetch not quitting after an upload initiated by a droplet shortcut

  • Fixed a problem with crashing on quit when StuffIt was installed

  • Fixed a problem with using Smultron as an editor on Lion

  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts for Preferences tab switching

  • Improved compatibility with servers that take more than thirty seconds to start or finish a transfer

  • Improved feedback during mirror and large transfer operations

  • Removed Dashboard widget instructions from Read Me

  • Stopped displaying extraneous post-upload FTP server messages

Upgrades to Fetch 5.7.1 are free for registered users of Fetch 5.5, Fetch 5.6, and Fetch 5.7 and customers who purchased Fetch after January 28, 2009. Otherwise, registered users of Fetch 5.3.1 and earlier can upgrade for $10.

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