Adobe launches CS6

Adobe CS6

Adobe has officially launched Creative Suite 6.

The the key component of Creative Suite 6 - Photoshop CS6 features performance and workflow enhancement and advanced tools for 3D design. There's also a new Creative Cloud, a subscription based service allowing users to download and install every Adobe Creative Suite 6 application and access online services.

Design Premium and Web Premium is becoming a single product for CS6 - Design and Web Premium.

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The new Adobe Creative Cloud allows users to have access (and to install) every application available in Master Collection (actually more applications than on Master Collection) for US$49.99 per month (on yearly contract) or US$74.99 per month. For users of current CS3 or later customers, Adobe offers US$29.99 per month (on one-year contract) for the first year. Assuming 18 months is the life time of CS6 (before CS7 or whatever new version releases), at our quick calculation, current CS3 or later owners are better with Creative Cloud subscription (for $659.82) which is cheaper than paying for the upgrade (unless you currently own CS5.5).

The prices are:
Adobe CS6 Design Standard: US$1,299 (upgrade from $275, CS5.5)
Adobe CS6 Design & Web Premium: US$1,899 (upgrade from $375, CS5.5)
Adobe CS6 Production Premium: US$1,899 (upgrade from $375, CS5.5)
Adobe CS6 Master Collection: US$2,599 (upgrade from $525, CS5.5)

Adobe CS6 ships on 7th May 2012 for English, Americas and European versions and on 10th May 2012 for the rest of the world.

Pre-order Adobe Creative Suite 6 products now! Shipping begins May 7th. Upgrade version is now only available on

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