free 20GB iCloud storage ends on 30 Sept 2013

MobileMe and iCloud
If you were a (paid) subscriber of Apple's MobileMe service before the service was migrated to iCloud service, you should've received complimentary 20GB (additional) free cloud storage until 30 September, which is about to expire at end of next month.

In early July 2008 (just few days before the release of iPhone 3G), Apple migrated .Mac service to MobileMe service. MobileMe service ended on 30 June 2012 and iCloud was the replacement. Initially, Apple provided MobileMe subscribers free 20GB cloud space until 30 September 2012, but was later extended for an extra year.


MobileMe was a subscription service for US$99 per year (personal) or US$149 per year (family account). iCloud is a free online service with free 5GB of online storage. Users need additional online storage can purchase them from Apple for $20 per year for each additional 10GB storage up to maximum of 55GB storage in total (including free 5GB storage space). 5GB online storage space should be sufficient for most users' iCloud documents.

If you use more than 5GB on your iCloud storage, e.g. you backup your iOS device to iCloud (instead of to iTunes), you might want to renew your subscription before 30 September or clear up some of the documents you stored on iCloud.

For more details, please refer to iCloud: Extended complimentary storage for former MobileMe members (Apple Support article, HT5527)
iCloud: Storage upgrades and downgrades (Apple Support article, HT4874)

Posted by Antony at August 26, 2013 3:30 AM

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