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June 30, 2004

new Cinema Displays, now 30"

Apple announced three new displays at WWDC as well as the new OS X "Tiger". The new sizes are 20", 23" and 30" with maximum resolutions of 1680 x 1050, 1920 x 1200 and 2560 x 1600 respectivley. The few...
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June 29, 2004

Mac OS X Tiger - Sneak Preview

The next version of Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" was previewed at the WWDC. Several stand out new features that ship with the new OS are: Spotlight - a powerful search application iChat AV - with 3 way video chat...
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June 28, 2004

passwords in SWAP on OS X?

According to IPWrangler, passwords are stored in swap, which means it could allow a local user with sudo access to retreive passwords out of swap. Currently there's not much you can do at this point other than to reboot your...
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June 22, 2004

iPod your BMW

Now, you can enjoy the most popular portable music player on the road. iPod your BMW You will need a compatible BMW, a 3rd generation iPod (or iPod mini) and an iPod Adapter which works with all 2002 or newer...
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June 16, 2004

iTMS opens in UK, France and Germany

When is the Aussie + NZ iTMS? Apple on Tuesday opened for business its iTunes Music Store to customers in the UK, France and Germany. Apple said that a European Union version of the store is coming this October. Music...
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June 14, 2004

more on new G5s - liquid cooling and 3GHz promise

No 3GHz, PowerBook G5 anytime soon According to New G5s announced; no 3GHz, G5 laptops planned (MacCentral OR InfoWorld, 9 June 2004) There won't be any 3GHz, at least not by the end of this year, and no PowerBook G5...
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June 13, 2004

another Exposé like app for Win XP?

Earlier, I reported one Exposé thief called WinExposé, later renamed to WinPlosion. Now, there's another application from New Zealand called Entblöß (Entbloess), it does similar function as Exposé for Windows XP. And I won't call it thief this time, because...
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June 10, 2004

iTunes 4.6

iTunes 4.6 is now available for Mac OS X and Windows 2000 and XP. As expected when Apple announced AirPort Express (base station), iTunes 4.6 features AirTunes. iTunes 4.6 includes support for playing your music wirelessly using AirPort Express with...
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ATI ships 256MB Radeon 9800 Pro

ATI announced it is shipping its RADEON 9800 PRO Mac Special Edition, featuring 256MB and 680 MHz data rate and a core engine speed of 380 MHz. This card is available as customised option in the new PowerMac G5s (dual...
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June 9, 2004

water cooled Dual 2.5GHz PowerMac G5

Apple has just announced a water-cooled Dual 2.5GHz PowerMac G5 available now. A$ 5,299.00 Dual 2.5GHz PowerPC G5 new 1.25GHz frontside bus/processor new Water Cooling new 512K L2 cache/processor 512MB DDR400 SDRAM (expandable to 8GB SDRAM) 160GB Serial ATA 8x SuperDrive...
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June 8, 2004

AirPort Express with AirTunes

Another small surprise from apple, AirPort Express is a small Airport basestation with 10/100 LAN port, USB, and for AirTunes Support; A built-in 3.5mm audio out jack. The AirPort Express Base Station looks much like a powerbook's power adaptor, plugging...
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June 7, 2004

security update 7th June 2004

Immediately following Security Update 2004-05-24 and the recent 10.3.4 Panther upgrade, Apple have released another update, Security Update 2004-06-07. This version continues fixes related to the flurry of security problems found relating to URL handlers last month, with the following...
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