Donzilla Backup QuickPick
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Donzilla Backup Backing up Donzilla profile data has never been easier
Donzilla is an Internet all-in-one client from HardwareHacks 2000 developed exclusively at SillyDog701. We provide a Backup QuickPick to help you backing up your Donzilla data.
To use Backup software, you will need .Mac membership to activate Backup. Trial membership will do the job. (see here for more detail) Try .Mac free for 60 days now.
Backup QuickPick
  1. download and run the Donzilla Backup QuickPick installer:
    Donzilla Backup QuickPick installer (8.3 KB)

  2. exit Backup if it is running

  3. Press the + button to create a new backup plan and choose “Custom”.
    add a new plan

    select Custom

  4. Give a name to your backup plan, such as “Donzilla”. Under “Backup Items”, press the + button to add an item.
    select + under Backup Items

  5. In the “QuickPicks” tab, choose “Donzilla settings” and press “Done”.

  6. Set up a destination and schedule and you're done!
    Set up a destination and schedule

This Donzilla Backup QuickPick will back up files under

If you have any questions or issues on this QuickPick, please ask Donzilla Backup.

About Backup and .Mac membership (subscription):

.MacBackup software will continue to function after .Mac subscription expiry, however, a valid .Mac account is required to activate Backup software for the first time you run it. Trial .Mac membership is sufficient for authentication. (Apple Knowledge Base Article: 86104)

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