OmniWeb 5 Backup ‘QuickPick’
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OmniWeb 5 Backup Backing up OmniWeb 5 data has never been easier
OmniWeb 5 is a web browser for Mac OS X based on modified WebKit engine, the source that powers Safari. We provide a Backup ‘QuickPick’ to help you backing up your OmniWeb 5 bookmarks and settings.
To use Backup software, you will need a .Mac membership to activate Backup. (see here for more detail) Try .Mac free for 60 days now.
Backup QuickPick
  1. download and run the Camino Backup QuickPick installer:
    OmniWeb 5 Backup QuickPick installer (8.6 KB)

  2. exit if it is running

  3. Press the + button to create a new backup plan and choose "Custom".
    add a new plan

    select Custom

  4. Give a name to your backup plan, such as "OmniWeb". Under "Backup Items", press the + button to add an item.
    select + under Backup Items

  5. In the "QuickPicks" tab, choose "OmniWeb 5 bookmarks and preferences" and press "Done".

  6. Set up a destination and schedule and you're done!
    Set up a destination and schedule

This OmniWeb 5 Backup ‘QuickPick’ will back up files under
~/Library/Application Support/OmniWeb 5/
and preference file

If you have any questions or issues on this QuickPick, please ask in our support forum.

About Backup and .Mac membership (subscription):

.MacBackup software will continue to function after .Mac subscription expiry, however, a valid .Mac account is required to activate Backup software for the first time you run it. Trial .Mac membership is sufficient for authentication. (Apple Knowledge Base Article: 86104)

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