Yojimbo Backup QuickPick Yojimbo Backup Backing up Yojimbo data has never been easier
Yojimbo is a great tool for handling all your pieces and bits of information and notes. (See our report on Yojimbo.) One feature missing from Yojimbo is the integration with .Mac's Backup software. We provide a Backup QuickPick to help you backing up your Yojimbo data.
To use Backup software, you will need .Mac membership to activate Backup. (see here for more detail) Try .Mac free for 60 days now.
Backup QuickPick
  1. download
    Yojimbo Backup QuickPick (9.2 KB)
    Yojimbo Backup QuickPick (with Yojimbo's Spotlight cache) (9.8 KB)

  2. exit Backup first if Backup is running

    Then simply unzip the file, and copy the file to
    ~/Library/Application Support/Backup/QuickPicks/ (preferred)
    (if QuickPicks folder does not exist, simply create one)

    alternatively, you can copy the file to following folder
    /Library/Application Support/Backup/QuickPicks/

  3. Press the + button to create a new backup plan and choose “Custom”.
    add a new plan

    select Custom

  4. Give a name to your backup plan, such as “Yojimbo”. Under “Backup Items”, press the + button to add an item.
    select + under Backup Items

  5. In the “QuickPicks” tab, choose “Yojimbo Items” and press “Done”.

  6. Set up a destination and schedule and you're done!
    Set up a destination and schedule
    Hint: You can create more than one destinations, each destination can have its own schedule.

This Yojimbo Backup QuickPick will back up files under
~/Library/Application Support/Yojimbo/
, preference file (~/Library/Preferences/com.barebones.yojimbo.plist)
and Yojimbo's Spotlight cache if you use the QuickPick with Yojimbo's Spotlight cache backing up.

If you have any questions or issues on this QuickPick, please ask in our support forum.

About Backup and .Mac membership (subscription):

.MacBackup software will continue to function after .Mac subscription expiry, however, a valid .Mac account is required to activate Backup software for the first time you run it. Trial .Mac membership is sufficient for authentication. (Apple Knowledge Base Article: 86104)


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