A short list of some applications that work with iSight.

iSight is designed to work with iChat, the default application for iSight is obviously iChat AV.
iChat AV is available as an add-on for Mac OS X 10.2 "Jaguar", however, Apple has stopped selling it. iChat AV is included free in Mac OS X 10.3 "Panther".

You can use iSight in a number of ways with different applications.

for video and audio conference (online chat)

for use as an online webcam

  • QuickTime Broadcaster with QuickTime Streaming Server
    QuickTime Broadcaster is available as a free download. QuickTime Streaming Sever is included in Mac OS X Server, and is also known as Darwin Streaming Server, a free open-source streaming product; compiled binary available for Mac OS X, RedHat Linux 9, Solaris 9, and Windows 2000 Server, or Windows Server 2003.
  • EvoCam
    can also be used as a nanny cam or surveillance cam
  • KeyCamX
  • SecuritySpy
    as in surveillance usage

for making movie clips


for use as a microphone (voice recording)

for taking snapshots

  • iChat AV
    (use Take Snapsnap from Video menu bar or simply copy the image out from preview window.)
  • CamGrabber

for barcode scanning

  • Delicious Library
    A bookkeeping application for books, videos, music, games etc, and retrieves database from Amazon. Fun to run your own "video store."
  • Booxter
    A book collection manager - it can scan barcodes using the iSight and retrieve information about the books from many different web sites.
  • EvoBarcode
    Allows you to use your iSight to read barcode. No integration to database libaray.

This knowledge base is a based on EZ Jim's Some Applications you can use with iSight FAQ posted in Apple Discussions.
This knowledge base is not meant to be a comprehensive list. If there's any mistake and any good applications that work with iSight, please let me know.