Some Applications that work with iSight iSight A short list of some applications that work with iSight. iSight is designed to work with iChat, the default application for iSight is obviously iChat AV.
iChat AV is available as an add-on for Mac OS X 10.2 "Jaguar", however, Apple has stopped selling it. iChat AV is included free in Mac OS X 10.3 "Panther".

You can use iSight in a number of ways with different applications.

for video and audio conference (online chat)

for use as an online webcam

for making movie clips


for use as a microphone (voice recording)

for taking snapshots

for barcode scanning

This knowledge base is a based on EZ Jim's Some Applications you can use with iSight FAQ posted in Apple Discussions.
This knowledge base is not meant to be a comprehensive list. If there's any mistake and any good applications that work with iSight, please let me know. isight This page was first released on 5 February, 2005,last updated on 19 March, 2006. Copyright © 2005-2006 Antony Shen. All rights reserved.