iWork'05 iWork - Apple's new tool with style.
iWork contains Pages and Keynote 2. The easiest application allows you to create, present and publish your work with Style. iWork is currently at its first release (iWork'05), and the was announced at MacWorld San Francisco 2005.


The word processor with incredible sense of style.
Pages is not a full power word processor, but it has everything you need, nothing you don't. It lets your create documents that look so great with minimum amount of time.

Keynote 2Keynote 2

Cinema-quality presentations for everyone.
Keynote (version 1) made some stunning effects that no other presentation software has yet matched. Keynote 2 is making your presentation even amazing with cinema-quality transitions, animated text effects and powerful animatioin control.

* Fonts installed by Pages and Keynote 2.

MacCentre701 has a photos on iWork'05. 31st January, 2005
Keynote 2.0.1 and Pages 1.0.1 update (18 March, 2005)
Pages 1.0.2 and Keynote 2.0.2 updates (26 May, 2005)
iWork '06 available (11 January, 2006)
iWork is the number 2 office suite in the US (24 January, 2006)
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* iWork'05, Pages + Keynote 2.

Apple's official link: iWork'05
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