Poker Apps For Your iPhone Poker Apps For Your iPhone

Zynga, the social gaming company, has a new poker application for the iPhone, called "live poker". Poker fans who own iPhones may be wondering: Is this application for me? Here's why poker players and social networkers alike may enjoy using the live poker application for the iPhone.

Using Poker Applications for the iPhone: It's Social

Apple does not currently allow using iPhone applications to gamble for real money. This may be off-putting to some poker fans, but playing live poker over the iPhone is still a good way to meet new people, including poker players whom you might be able to invite to a live home game or meet over online poker sites. One of the great aspects of the game of poker is its social aspects, and this is true whether you're playing for dollars, matchsticks or virtual chips.

Using Poker Applications for the iPhone: It's Practice

Even though you aren't playing for real money, playing live poker on the iPhone can keep your poker skills sharp. With only virtual chips on the line, your opponents won't be playing their best games, and bluffs aren't too likely to be effective because of all the loose play, but you can get some practice with seeing how different hands develop, calculating odds and other aspects of poker theory and strategy. Many of today's real money games, especially at the lower limits, feature loose, wild play, so your iPhone games may actually prepare you well for some of the real money poker games you may be facing in the future.

Using Poker Applications for the iPhone: It's Poker

In the end, live poker may not be real money poker, but it's still poker. When faced with a decision on whether to spend your hour on line at the bank or waiting for the bus just sitting around and staring at the scenery, or betting and raising in a good game of poker, the choice is obvious. Get the iPhone live poker App from Zynga and carry around an instant poker game with you at all times and all places, day or night.