QuickTime Streams (auto-select) Showcase A MacCentre701 test page for streaming QuickTime movie with auto selecting feature.

Desktop in Action, part 5
(Remember to turn on your speakers.)

QuickTime5Note: this streaming QuickTime is served from Darwin Streaming Server. The movie itself is encoded in Sorenson Video 3, QuickTime 5 (plugin) or later required to watch this movie.
This is Desktop in Action, part 5, taken from AntBlog701, used with permission.

What is Auto-select (Alternative)?
This is a QuickTime technology that would auto-select the right movie that suits your internet connection speed and giving you the best enjoyment. All you have to do is to set the Streaming Speed correct in QuickTime Preference. (See below) This is "Reference Movie" as called in QuickTime.

In OS X, you can go to System Preference > QuickTime > Streaming and select the right speed.
QuickTime Streaming Speed

In Windows, open QuickTime, Edit > Preferences > QuickTime Preferences > Connection Speed.
QuickTime Streaming Preference

For this particular demo, Antony (from AntBlog701) provided 5 different versions of movies, and all encoded in different grades. The video is encoded in Sorenson Video 3 and Sorenson Video. And the audio is encoded in QDesign Music2 for maximum compatibility. All you need is QuickTime 5.0.2 or above. However we recommend you using latest QuickTime Player.

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QuickTime PlayerIf you are using Windows 98/ME, QuickTime 6.5 is available for Windows 98/Me.

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